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Community Outreach

High School Student Outreach

In September 2008, the Department of Urology at UCI initiated a high school student outreach program for all public Orange County High Schools. The mission of the program is to stimulate young minds and give students a behind-the-scenes look into laparoscopic and robotic surgery and immerse them in a medical environment. The urologic surgeons at UCI and teachers at various high schools believe that this program provides an unmet need for many of the high school students of Orange County. We hope that this experience encourages students to expand their horizons and contemplate a possible career in medical research, biotechnology or clinical medicine.

For more information on how to get your school involved, please contact:

Hemi Shah
Business Development Officer

Summer Premed Program

The Medical Education Office at UC Irvine's School of Medicine offers a menu of enrichment programs for youth interested in a career in healthcare or science. In addition to fostering theĀ  interest of youth in healthcare and science innovation, the programs empower medical students and pre-professional students who are accepted as program coaches to become lifelong teachers and leaders. For more information please visit: