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Both adults and children can benefit from the services provided by the best urology specialist in Orange County.

Some visits to this type of specialist involve routine examinations or follow-up care, while others focus on the diagnosis, treatment, or management of a specific abnormality, condition, or injury. Below are some of the steps you can expect a top urologist specialist to take when you visit

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Discussing Symptoms

Even if you've already received an initial diagnosis from your primary care physician, the best urology specialist in Orange County may be able to pick up on something that hasn't been detected yet. For instance, blood in urine (hematuria) could be related to:

  • Over-vigorous exercise
  • A pelvic injury
  • Bladder or kidney stones
  • A kidney infection
  • Pelvic/urinary cancer

Performing Diagnostic Tests

Using a better understanding of your symptoms as a guide, the best urology specialist in Orange County usually performs several diagnostic tests to confirm a suspected problem or make an accurate diagnosis. If you have urinary incontinence (UI) or painful urination, for example, tests may be done to look for signs of an infection. A lighted scope attached to a camera may also be used to provide a better view of internal structures to look for abnormalities or obstructions.

Looking for Underlying Health Issues

Cardiovascular disease, immune suppression disorders, and diabetes are just some of the underlying health issues that could contribute to urological problems. A urinary tract infection can also be an underlying health issue if it's related to an enlarged prostate or kidney stones.

Recommending Treatment Options

Once the source of your symptoms is known, the next step the best urology specialist in Orange County normally takes is to recommend treatment options. Some conditions, such as an enlarged prostate or small kidney stones, may be treated with routine exams (watchful waiting) and/or medication.

If bladder control is a concern, bulking agents like Botox injections may be used to tighten the urinary sphincter. Some patients with bladder issues also benefit from pelvic floor muscle exercises, gentle electrical stimulation, insertable devices, or surgery to provide better support for the bladder neck and external urine tube (urethra).

With larger kidney stones, strong vibrations (shock waves) may be used to break up these deposits. If a growth that was discovered in the urinary tract is cancerous, surgery may be necessary. This may also be the case with cancerous growths in other pelvic structures. A top Orange County urology specialist can also perform several outpatient procedures, including undescended testicle repair, vasectomies and circumcisions.

If chemotherapy, hormone therapy, vaccine treatment, and radiation therapy aren't effective, prostate cancer may be treated with partial or complete removal of the prostate gland. Surgery is also sometimes needed to restore the correct position of pelvic organs in women if pelvic organ prolapse occurs.

There is a tendency to think of the best urology specialist in Orange County as a doctor you would see if you are having bladder problems, but there are many other issues this type of specialist can address. Some of these include erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, vaginal pain or discomfort during sex for women, and issues with a suspected hernia an active teenager may be experiencing.

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