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It's easy to take the function of the organs and structures in your pelvic/lower abdominal area for granted.

But when something is going on with any of these parts, it could result in symptoms you can't – and shouldn't – ignore. It's times like this when you'll appreciate being referred to the best urology clinic in Orange County for additional evaluation and treatment efforts.

A top urology clinic focuses on the following aspects of patient care for children and adults, both men and women, affected by various urologic problems.

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Diagnosis and Evaluation

Whether symptoms include recurring bladder or urinary tract infections, erectile dysfunction (ED), pelvic pain, an inability to hold urine (incontinence), or unexplained pelvic or lower abdominal pain, the first step often taken at the best urology clinic in Orange County is to make an accurate diagnosis. While the evaluation and diagnosis process vary based on what the suspected problem is, testing for many urologic conditions typically involves:

  • A urine analysis for suspected infections
  • Blood tests to check for underlying conditions or prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels that may be elevated
  • CT scans, MRIs, and other image tests if there is a need to view internal pelvic structures or related soft tissues
  • Use of a cystoscope, ureteroscope, or similar flexible, lighted tool to view the urethra ("urine tube"), urinary tract, and/or bladder
  • Kidney function testing
  • A biopsy if an abnormal growth is detected

Treatment and Symptom Management

Once a diagnosis has been made or confirmed at the best urology clinic in Orange County, the next step is to recommend a patient-specific treatment plan. Infections are often treated with short-term or long-term doses of antibiotics. Medications called antivirals are used to treat viral infections affecting the urinary tract.

Bladder blockages, urinary tract obstructions, or kidney stones may be removed minimally invasively with a scope. Larger obstructions or stones may require traditional open surgery. If medication isn't effective, overactive bladder (OAB) or urinary incontinence may be treated with Botox injections around the bladder neck sphincter or the repositioning of tubes leading from the bladder to the kidneys (ureters).

Men with low testosterone are sometimes treated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). A urologist at a top Orange County clinic may treat ED with medication or the surgical insertion of implants. Reconstructive surgery may be needed for patients born with genital abnormalities or deformed or misplaced pelvic organs. Sometimes triggered by childbirth, vaginal prolapse is another serious abnormality that may require corrective surgery.

Follow-Up Care

Another important aspect of care provided at the best urology clinic in Orange County is post-treatment follow-up care. For some conditions, this process may involve routine monitoring. This is common with an enlarged prostate, mild UTIs, or pelvic abnormalities that aren't causing disruptive or serious symptoms.

The specialists at the best urology clinic in Orange County also want to see patients achieve and maintain optimal urological health. For this reason, you may also be reminded or encouraged to stop smoking, avoid excessively acidic or inflammation-causing foods, drink more water, get regular exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and be diligent about reporting any noticeable changes in urination habits while being treated.

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